Retail Recon: Walmart's Super Bowl LI Beer Displays [Image Gallery]

30 Jan, 2017 Field Agent

The Super Bowl brings out the competitive fire. On the field…and in stores.

To document the fierce, in-store competition between beer brands, this weekend Field Agent dispatched agents to over 200 Walmart Supercenters. There they conducted display audits, capturing photos of festive, sometimes elaborate Super Bowl LI beer displays.

So as America gears up for the big game, Field Agent presents the beer displays of Super Bowl LI.


Latham, NY

Agent comment: “This display was large, colorful, seasonal, and had clear pricing. It wasn't just half an endcap of a random beer merchandised with pretzels.”



Woodstock, GA

Agent comment: “With the Falcons going to the Super Bowl, it makes me want to purchase beer, chips and salsa for the big game.”



Alpharetta, GA

Agent comment: “In Atlanta this [display] is very influential because it is the Falcons who are in the Superbowl…The couch and TV provide a pretend atmosphere that sends a subliminal message that you need all these things including Budweiser to enjoy the big game.”



Albany, NY

Agent comment: “It is timely since the Super Bowl is next week. It looks like a lot of effort went into it.”



Las Vegas, NV

Agent comment: “Looks very appealing. I would be ready to buy and drink it right away.”



North Richland Hill, TX

Agent comment: “It's football season and I have Super Bowl [parties] on my mind…I don't buy beer on a regular basis, but this would remind me to buy for a special party, like the Super Bowl.”



Porter, TX

Agent comment: “[The display] is eye-catching.”



St. Petersburg, FL

Agent comment: “[It’s] quick and simple.”



Evansville, IN

Agent comment: “I like that it was shaped and designed to look like lockers.”



Las Vegas, NV

Agent comment: “The display makes me want to grab some beer for the Super Bowl. The Budweiser chair on the display is what caught my attention the most.”



Austell, GA

Agent comment: “The colors are eye catching. Also the sign in the middle supporting the falcons makes me want to drink the beer during the super bowl.”



Clifton Park, NY

Agent comment: “This is a large display with some good imported product at a very nice price…linked to Super Bowl theme.”



Austin, TX

Agent comment: “It has a theme and is not just a stack of beer. I like that they put football in the theme.”



Saint Petersburg, FL

Agent comment: “[It] has the football props on it for gameday, noticeable, fun to look at.”



Houston, TX

Agent comment: “It’s a very creative display.”



Bellmead, TX

Agent comment: “[I like that it] represents the Super Bowl time of year.”



Fulton, NY

Agent comment: “Not only was it the tallest display, it also has the recliner on top that you can enter to win as well as big containers of snack products on either side making the display even larger.”



Conroe, TX

Agent comment: “[The display] had a gameday Super Bowl feel and I like mikes.”



Dickinson, ND

Agent comment: “Nice girl inviting to buy beer and enjoy football game.”



Grants Pass, OR

Agent comment: “It appeals to fans of football, reminds them to pick up some beer for the upcoming Super Bowl.”


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