1,000 Christmas Trees in Just 2 Minutes [Video]


When you have over 625,000 agents across the country, it’s possible to be practically everywhere at once.

From living rooms to store aisles, Field Agent specializes in providing location-specific audit and research services.

To illustrate, Field Agent asked 1,000 agents to submit photos of their beautifully trimmed Christmas trees.

We had the results in a matter of hours.

So, as our Christmas gift to you, here we present 1,000 Christmas trees from 1,000 different living rooms across the country, set to an upbeat holiday melody.

Merry Christmas from Field Agent!  

Santa’s Got a Brand New App

To successfully deliver toys to all the boys and girls of the world, Santa would have to travel at an average speed of 1,800 miles per second (Source: The Telegraph).

With Mobile Audits and Research from Field Agent, companies can be virtually anywhere in the nation and in 7 different countries around the globe—without ever leaving home offices.

Whether you’re in need of in-store audits or in-the-moment insights, the eBooks below showcase the capabilities of Mobile Audits and Research. Download your free copy today. 

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