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    2016 Back-to-School Report: 500 Moms Talk BTS Shopping, Attitudes

    BacktoSchool-blog-featuredimage.jpgEven as the school year ends, many companies are already feverishly preparing for the 2016 back-to-school shopping season.

    Sorry, students and teachers. Probably not what you want to hear.

    With approximately $25 billion in back-to-school spending at stake ($68 billion including back-to-college), the BTS shopping season is a crucial make-or-break moment for many retailers and brands.


    The Mother of All BTS Resources


    To help companies make ready for BTS 2016, this weekend Field Agent surveyed over 500 moms of K-12 children. This marks the third straight year we’ve surveyed families about their BTS shopping, spending, and attitudes.  

    And we gleaned some important insights, including:

    • 64% of families will purchase at least some school supplies online, but only 6% will purchase more than half from the Internet  
    • 67% of moms said their families will follow a school-provided list either “completely” or “very closely” when shopping for school supplies this year
    • 89% of packed lunches will contain fresh or packaged fruit, and 74% will contain salty snacks

    The complete results are available in our free report, “Back-to-School 2016: Insights into the Spending, Shopping, and Attitudes of American Families.”


    Inside this report you’ll discover: 

    • Which retailers are considered go-to destinations for BTS supplies, clothing, and even quick before- or after-school meals
    • What role online shopping plays in BTS clothing and school supply purchases
    • What specific items—footwear, hygiene items, athletic gear, electronics, etc.—families say they expect to purchase for BTS 2016
    • Whether families anticipate spending more or less on BTS purchases this year
    • How children influence certain BTS purchases, for instance, clothing and the content of packed lunches
    • What role state-sponsored tax holidays play in BTS shopping and spending

    And more.

    The report also demonstrates how companies can monitor their retail execution throughout the BTS season and catch problems—incorrect prices, misplaced displays, out-of-stocks, and the like—before they become a drag on sales. 


    Download this free report below, and make the grade with back-to-school shoppers in 2016. 


    Start Preparing for Back-to-School, Download this Special BTS Report for Insights into the Spending, Shopping, and Attitudes of American Families

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