3 Gift-Buying Insights to Make Your Sweetie Swoon this Valentine’s

According to the National Retail Federation, last year the average American spent approximately $142.31 on Valentine’s gifts, for a grand total of $18.9 billion.

Can’t you just feel the love?

Retailers certainly can.

And with twitterpated Americans once again readying to fork out billions in the name of love, Field Agent surveyed 500 adults, split evenly between men and women, to understand 3 intriguing questions about Valentine’s gift and activity preferences:

1. Do Americans prefer traditional Valentine’s gifts like cards, chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals?

Stick with tradition, most in our survey told us.

We asked men and women to what extent they agree with the statement, “I prefer to receive traditional gifts at Valentine’s.” Altogether, 64% agreed with the statement, with little separation between men (61%) and women (66%).

This agreement was a little tepid, however. Just 10% said they completely agreed with the statement, and 33% only somewhat agreed.


2. Handmade versus store-bought. Which do Americans prefer for Valentine’s?

62% indicated they prefer handmade over store-bought Valentine's gifts

It appears Americans can be a pretty sentimental lot. 62% indicated they prefer handmade over store-bought Valentine’s.

At 68%, women demonstrated stronger preference for homemade goodness than men (56%).

Men, take note.

Additionally, virtually everyone in the study (97%) agreed with the statement, “It’s the thought that really counts,” when receiving Valentine’s.

On February 14, sentimentality rules the day.


3. And do Americans prefer to stay in or go out on Valentine’s Day?

Staying in bested going out. Whereas 40% said they’d like to stay at home on Valentine’s Day, a mere 12% reported they’d prefer to hit the town.

Yet the most popular response in the survey, at 48%, was to do a little of both: go out and stay in.

Women (44%) were more ardent than men (35%) about wanting to stay home.


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