Before & After: Photos of Walmart’s Updated Electronics Department

15 May, 2017 Field Agent

Walmart electronics departments are looking increasingly Best-Buyesque.

In some stores you’ll now find rows of sleek, softly illuminated product tables, featuring laptops, smartphones, and other digital wares. Simple and spacious, the tables encourage shoppers to interact with products. The signage, too, has been updated—exuding a more stylish vibe than conventional Walmart CE departments.


Agent Quote of Walmart's Updated Electronics Department

Before & After Photos: Walmart Electronics Department


This weekend, retail-auditing firm Field Agent sent agents to Walmart stores in three cities—Kansas City, MO, Roeland Park, KS, and Springfield, IL—to capture photos of recently revamped electronics departments. We also deployed agents to snap pictures of traditional Walmart CE departments.


Below we offer a “before and after” photo gallery of images from this retail audit.




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After Photos: Updated Walmart CE Department








“I haven't been in this section in a while and the upgrade was refreshing.”

-Agent Quote






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Looks a lot more professional than previous years. Well organized. Compares to Best Buy displays now instead of low end displays.

-Agent Quote








It's a good new look in an old pre-supercenter store.

-Agent Quote






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