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    Case Studies: Get Closer to Customers with Mobile Shop-Alongs


    Mobile shop-alongs offer in-store insights at the most critical moments—as shoppers interact with products and displays, scrutinize prices, and, ultimately, make purchase decisions. 


    Meet Rhonda.

    While visiting her grandchildren in Tennessee, the 55-year-old ran into a local drug store to shop for contact solution. She took Field Agent with her. Rhonda was one of 100 shoppers we enlisted in a recent mobile shop-along. We asked Rhonda and other agents to show us—not just tell us—how they shop for specific merchandise, and it looks something like this:



    Be There

    Getting companies closer to their customers. That’s the mission of mobile market research. With mobile shop-alongs and other mobile research methods, brands and retailers can be there when customers plan purchases, shop stores, and consume products.

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