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    CPG eBook: How to Make the Most of a New Retail Year

    A new year. A new beginning.

    For businesses of all kinds, but particularly for CPG brands.

    The frenetic pace of Q4 is in the rearview mirror, and now CPG companies everywhere are looking ahead at all the opportunities a new retail year could hold.

    Only, this year especially, these opportunities come with some sizable challenges. It’s not business-as-usual for brands in 2022. Omicron, supply chain disruptions, inflation, labor shortages, and the like will all conspire to ensure that.

    So the question is: How can CPG brands stand up to these challenges and maximize opportunities in 2022?

    Field Agent’s new ebook, 20 Strong-Start Tips for CPG Brands in 2022, explores multiple ways CPG companies can be strong off the starting blocks this year, including tips like…

    • Do more than wait-and-see with planogram resets
    • Stop sending merchandisers where they’re not needed
    • Resolve to do more store walks (both in-person and digitally)
    • Optimize and finesse ecommerce product pages
    • Ace your new product launches

    Download the free CPG ebook, 20 Strong-Start Tips for CPG Brands in 2022, for the full discussion…

    …and seize the opportunity of a new retail year. 

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