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    Field Agent Acquires SimpliField: Optimizing Retail Operations

    For more than a decade, Field Agent has been on a mission to help brands win at retail. 

    By using crowdsourcing technology, we provide best-in-class audits, insights, product reviews, on-demand sales, and more. But, what if we could help with retail operations and management as well?

    Field Agent is thrilled to announce the acquisition of SimpliFIeld, a cutting-edge, remote-workforce management program that will enhance and optimize the way brands go to retail. 

    Everything from remote management and synced operations to data analytics and streamlined communication—brands, retailers, and restaurants will have an all-in-one platform to help them succeed on-shelf, online, and in-person.

    Field Agent Acquires SimpliField, Integrating Retail Auditing & Retail Performance Management

    SimpliField is the first fully integrated mobile platform for retail operations, internal communications and advanced performance analytics. With the powerful tool, you can see your retail business running in real-time — from the corporate office, through the field, all the way to the point of distribution.

    “SimpliField’s vision for efficient, customer-focused retail operations is perfectly aligned with our roadmap for ever-evolving retail solutions and tools,” said Rick West, CEO and co-founder of Field Agent. “With the acquisition, we’re bringing together the power of the crowd with the extensive retail experience of both companies.”

    As stated in the press release, Field Agent and SimpliField overlap in several strategic ways:

    • They share many of the same clients within the same industries, including several Fortune 500 companies
    • They both use mobile technology to manage geographically dispersed workforces
    • They were each founded by retail professionals seeking a mobile solution to pressing, everyday store-level challenges
    • They both operate internationally and possess a global perspective on retail management and operations

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    Through the joint expertise of Field Agent and SimpliField, clients can expect to improve operations, outperform competitors, and better serve shoppers.

    So what are you waiting for? Dive into how combined Field Agent solutions and the SimpliField platform can radically change your business for the better.

    Find out more at simplifield.com.

    And while you’re at it, take a peek at Field Agent and SimpliField social media so you don’t miss a beat.

    Win at retail operations with Field Agent and SimpliField

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