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    Free eBook: Category Insights in the Omnichannel Age

    Oct 25, 2018 | Field Agent Mobile Research

    Online grocery sales will quadruple by 2023”


    Categorically Speaking eBook Download

    This headline, currently making its rounds on the internet, attests to what most of us already suspect: Digital grocery-shopping will boom in the next few years. 

    Although online grocery-shoppers remain in the minority, the future of grocery retail is looking more and more “digital.” Store pickup and local delivery, in particular, have the potential to change grocery shopping as we know it. 

    And such drastic changes are calling into question even our most basic understandings of how shoppers shop. How, many of us are asking, is grocery shopping in an online environment different from shopping in-store?  


    Free eBook: Category Insights in the Omnichannel Age


    From surveys with thousands of digital grocery-shoppers, Field Agent’s free ebook, “Category Insights in the Omnichannel Age,” offers a hard, data-driven look at how shoppers shop online for three different categories: impulse goods (e.g., batteries, single-serve drinks/snacks), “center store” goods (e.g., peanut butter, condiments, toilet paper), and alcoholic beverages.  

    This ebook, consolidating all three reports in Field Agent’s popular “Categorically Speaking” series, explores questions like:

    • What challenges are impulse goods, center store goods, and alcoholic beverages contending with in the digital marketplace?
    • What opportunities or possibilities are available to these categories?
    • How do shoppers shop differently for these categories when shopping online as opposed to in-store?

    So even as online grocery-shopping picks up steam, download “Category Insights in the Omnichannel Age” to better understand the shopping behaviors and attitudes of today’s digital grocery-shoppers.  

    Categorically Speaking eBook Free Download

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