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    How 'Cord-Cutting' Millennials are Changing TV Forever [WHITEPAPER]

    Mar 17, 2015 | Field Agent Mobile Research

    Millennials Cut-the-cord

    A revolution in TV is underway. As the list of alternative content platforms grows, from the longtime crowd-pleaser Netflix to the recently unveiled Sling TV, greater numbers of households will opt to watch their favorite shows without the aid of a coaxial cable or satellite dish. Instead, they’ll decide to “cut-the-cord,” joining millions of their fellow Americans who have already severed the connection.

    Like so many revolutions, young people are spearheading the change. Millennials aren’t just watching different content; they’re changing the way TV is packaged and delivered in the first place. And despite their prominent role in the seismic changes occurring to TV, little information is available about these cord-cutting Millennials and their TV preferences, attitudes, and behaviors.

    But new research from Field Agent reveals how and why Millennials are changing TV—and changing it forever. We asked 300 Millennials, ages 19-34, to help us understand six general questions:

    1. How specifically do Millennials access their TV content?
    2. What attitudes do Millennials have about traditional TV (i.e., Cable/Satellite)?
    3. How many Millennials are “cord-cutters”?
    4. Why are Millennials cutting-the-cord?
    5. How satisfied are Millennials with their decision to cut-the-cord?
    6. What awareness and usage rates exist among Millennials for web-streaming venues such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, etc.? 

    We packaged the lessons we learned in an attractive infographic whitepaper, which we’re now pleased to share with you. The results are worth tuning in for, whether you’re a TV content-provider, advertiser, or simply one who enjoys an occasional episode of “The Big Bang Theory” or “The Walking Dead.”

    How are 'Cord-Cutting' Millennials Changing TV Forever?

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