Infographic: How Your Customers Spend Time & Money on Summer Vacation


Field Agent recently surveyed 500 U.S. adults during, before, or just after their 2015 summer vacations. Here we present some of the compelling insights from this study as an attractive infographic. With sales projected to exceed $65 billion this year alone, companies have plenty of reasons to improve their sales and marketing to summer travelers. Start with these insights...and enjoy the trip.   

Americans love summer vacation. Am I right? 

And our readers love colorful, stimulating infographics.

So, how can you go wrong with an infographic about summer vacation?

Field Agent recently surveyed 500 U.S. adults during, before, or just after their summer vacations this year. And since we had the results the same day, you could say we went along on 500 vacations in just one day.

More specifically, we surveyed 250 families vacationing with children as well as 250 travel parties without kids. As you’ll see, this allowed us to draw interesting comparisons between the two groups.

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With over 500,000 agents staking out over 500,000 different corners of the country, Mobile Research and Audits from Field Agent allow companies to be practically everywhere...all at once.

This means you can go on 500 vacations with 500 different customers, and often have the results in hours. Or, you can simultaneously audit thousands of stores, shelves, or displays across the country. Whatever your "need to know," Mobile Research and Audits allow you to be everywhere at once. 


Mobile Audits & Research Infographic