Is Your Brand Really Ready for Holiday Shoppers? [Retail Audit Checklist]

19 Oct, 2017 Field Agent

The holidays are truly a make-or-break season for many brands. 

Rarely are the stakes higher.

During this critical time of the year, when ravenous, purchase-minded shoppers fill stores everywhere, brands simply can’t afford costly retail mistakes. Toward the end of the year especially, your retail execution should be impeccable—leaving no sales behind. 



To help brand managers shore up their in-store execution this holiday season, Field Agent has assembled a checklist of all-too-common retail oversights. These problems hinder many brands, preventing them from making the most of important retail events like the holidays.


So, how will your brand fare this holiday shopping season? Follow the checklist to strengthen your Q4 retail execution...and end the year on a high note.

(You might check the list twice. Like some other guy we know.)


Naughty or Nice? Holiday Retail Audit Checklist



 Click here to download and print your checklist.


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