Mobile Research is all About Location at the Point of Influence


Why is Mobile Research so valuable to brands? One big advantage is being able to capture insights from very targeted times of sentiment - most of which hinge on location. Gathering insights while a consumer formulates her opinion (rather than after the fact) is incredibly powerful. We have the capability to do just that, and it has never been easier, nor faster.

Watch Rick West's presentation as he walks us through the concept [and strategy] of getting "closer to the vine."

Time and distance is really what drives us to being closer to the vine.


Your Consumer’s First Impression


We are all living in a mobile world, such that we seldom go anywhere without our mobile device. This session will help you understand how Mobile Research allows you to capture insights from consumers via qualitative methodologies that were not possible a few years ago.


We will share case studies focused on three key inflection points that are location driven:

  • Zero Moment of Truth: making pre purchase decisions (e.g. where to shop, shopping triggers, etc.)
  • First Moment of Truth: making decisions at the point of sales (e.g. what products to buy, etc.)
  • Second Moment of Truth: making assessments of products (e.g. taste, function, value, 5 star reviews, etc.)


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How it Works: Mobile Research with Field Agent