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    Mobile Surveys Identify TWO Halloween Shopping Seasons

    Oct 28, 2014 | Field Agent Mobile Research


    Costumes first...then candy. Many households say they sequence their purchases of Halloween goods.

    The tendency might be to think of Halloween as only one shopping season. After all, it seems natural that shoppers would pick up Halloween candy and costumes at the same time. But the results from a recent mobile survey of 250 moms may suggest differently.


    Season 1: Costumes


    Consider the findings: Nearly half of all households surveyed (47%) said they purchase most of their costumes and accessories prior to October (19%) or in early October (28%).

    But when asked about the timing of their Halloween candy purchases, only 10% say they buy their Halloween treats prior to (1%) or early in October (9%).


    Season 2: Treats


    Most households, conversely, appear to wait until right before Halloween to purchase their treats.

    58% delay buying candy until just before the holiday. Notably, despite waiting until closer to the holiday, only one household said they will purchase candy on Halloween day.

    All in all, 81% reported completing their costume purchases pre-to-mid October, while 89% make their treat purchases between mid-October and the holiday itself.   

    When will households buy most of their Halloween costumes and treats?

    These results suggest a sequencing of Halloween purchases in many U.S. households.

    Broadly speaking, costume-shopping and -buying starts much earlier than the search for Halloween treats. Around mid-October, one “season” gives way to another as many shoppers finalize their costumes and begin considering their candy and treat options.


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