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    Sights & Sounds from the 'Next Generation' Apple Store [Video]

    Apple-Store-Featuredimage.jpgRenowned for their elegant simplicity, Apple Stores are trendsetters within the larger retail industry. They’re also highly successful, earning top spot among U.S. retailers for sales per square foot.

    For months, Apple enthusiasts and other interested parties have been waiting with bated breath for the opening of the “next generation” Apple Store.

    Now they can all breathe normally again. This eagerly anticipated store just opened in Germantown, Tennessee, ushering in a new era for Apple's retail operations.  

    Just this week, Field Agent, the leader in location-specific auditing and research, dispatched several Agents to the new Apple Store. Here are some of the sights and sounds from their trips. Scroll further down for a photo slideshare and even more feedback from these shoppers.



    What words would you use to describe this new Apple Store?

    Words agents used to describe the new Apple store


    In general, what do you think about the “next generation” Apple Store?

    Agents spoke glowingly about the new Apple Store:


    47-year-old woman: “I think the store is very modern. It fits today's lifestyle well…offers great customer service and a complete Apple experience.”


    33-year-old woman: “The store was awesome. I personally don't have an iPhone or any Apple products. I was so impressed from the Apple smart TV to the Apple watches, laptops and phones. A big kid tech store.”


    27-year-old man: “The store was absolutely fantastic. The huge wall display was really what set this apart from other Apple Stores I have been in. The experience definitely made me want to invest in some newer Apple technology.”


    47-year-old man: “It is a great store…Wonderful attendants very helpful and knowledgeable of product. Only thing is the store needs identification from outside versus only having the address visible.”


    What didn’t you like about the new Apple Store?

    Three Agents suggested practically the same opportunity for improvement:


    “Lack of signage on the building”

    “No signage on the outside of the store”

    “No Apple branding on the outside of the store”


    It appears, at least among Agents in our study, that Apple’s decision to forego external logos may take some getting used to.

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