Special Q4 TOYS Report: Parents, Kids Talk All Things Toys [Survey]

Toys are fun, especially these days if you manufacture or sell them.

The toy industry enjoyed a remarkable 2015, growing at an impressive clip of 6.7% (source). Not since 1999, when toy sales jumped 7%, has the industry witnessed such growth. Still more impressive, toy sales have continued to grow at a rate of 7.5% over the first half of 2016.


And we're not even to Q4 and the holidays yet, a season of plenty for toy manufacturers and retailers.

With toys presently making such a strong showing, and with the immensely important holiday season approaching, last week Field Agent surveyed hundreds of parents and their 5-12-year-olds to better understand the toy-shopping attitudes and behaviors of the American family.

This research culminated in Field Agent's special Q4 toys report, All Things Toys: Parents & Kids Share Their Attitudes, Behaviors about Toy Shopping & Buying, which you can download now for free 


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Special Q4 Toys Report: All Things Toys

 Download the Toys Report


The Q4 toys report covers a variety of topics about toys and related categories (e.g., batteries, kid's meals), including:

  • The preferred toy retailers of parents and kids
  • Boys' and girls' favorite toy franchises/brands
  • Kids' holiday toy wishes
  • The role of online shopping, omnichannel services in toy purchases
  • Parents' top toy-shopping priorities, frustrations
  • The battery brands parents prefer for powering up their kids' toys
  • The fast food kid's meal treats—toys or other goodies—parents, children like most

And, as a bonus, the report contains an exclusive resource to help CPG companies prepare for the upcoming, make-or-break Q4 selling season. The Brand Manager's Guide to Q4 Retail Execution looks at some of the more common retail pitfalls undermining brands' in-store execution.

 Free toy report - shopping and buying insights