Start Getting Decked Out for the Holidays

Start Getting Decked Out for the HOlidays

We know that the holiday season is in full swing when people start decorating their homes. So when is the right time to put decorations on the shelf?

Now that Halloween is over, people are getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, and zombie costumes are put away until next year. That means it is time to start thinking about decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

When do people start decorating?

Christmas is obviously the leading holiday for decorating; it also inspires the earliest decorative touches. In a survey we conducted with 250 moms, nearly two-thirds said that they decorate 3-4 weeks before Christmas, while only one-third decorate for Thanksgiving that far in advance. What is more, another third say they put up Christmas decorations a month or more in advance.

About one-fifth of our survey moms do not decorate at all for Thanksgiving. That’s higher than for Halloween and Christmas. Nevertheless, the majority of moms surveyed put out Thanksgiving decorations at least a week or more in advance. 

Which BEST describes WHEN your household traditionally begins decorating for the following holidays? [GRAPH]

When should Brands and Retailers focus their efforts?

With that in mind, November is prime time for retailers to focus on both Thanksgiving and Christmas décor.

Timing is everything

Decorations play a part in most holiday celebrations. Knowing when customers shop for certain holiday items is critical to getting your product in front of customers at the right time. Mobile market research makes it easy to get to know your customers.