Super Bowl Brand Wars: Be with Customers during the Big Game

It’s almost here. The single biggest game—and one of the biggest consumption events—of the year.

The Super Bowl.

And for the second year in a row, Field Agent will be right in the center of the action.

To demonstrate the capabilities of our location-specific mobile research platform, we’ll visit hundreds of Super Bowl viewing parties across the country and determine the top beer, soda, and salty snack brands among football fans.

Real-time results will be displayed during the game at, with a full results and insights report to follow. The report will contain valuable insights into consumers’ Super Bowl attitudes and behaviors, on topics ranging from social media to advertisements. 

Download the full results and insights report now.

In-the-Moment Insights

As the big game draws nearer, consumers everywhere will, of course, be making preparations: 

  • Soda? Check.
  • Chips? Check.
  • Big screen TV? Check.
  • Smartphone? Well, yes, now that you mention it, check.

When America tunes in for Super Bowl 50, the majority will do so with a smartphone in hand. Pew Research tells us 64% of U.S. adults owned smartphones in 2015, up dramatically from 35% in 2011.

And while Americans own many things, smartphones are truly unique in at least one way:

Where we go…they go.

From the office to the store, from the living room to the bedroom, consumers today are tethered to their smartphones. Research, in fact, shows most smartphone owners are rarely more than 2 meters away from their devices (source: Harris Interactive).

Because smartphones are pervasive and almost always close at hand, they’re the ideal research tool for capturing on-location, in-the-moment information and insights.

Mobile Research, unlike traditional methods, meets consumers where they are, as they’re doing what they’re doing. Shopping, traveling, relaxing, or, yes, watching the Super Bowl.

Memory fade isn't a problem, because Mobile Research is in-the-moment. 

Super Bowl Bound

On Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll ask football fans to tell us what they’re eating and drinking, as they’re eating and drinking. The results, consequently, will be more accurate and meaningful, because they'll be captured during the event itself.

Mobile Research takes companies where it matters most, when it matters most. 

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