Where is America Shopping on Black Friday?

Black_Friday_LIVEThe Black Friday Scoreboard tells us in Real-Time with live photos and the top 10 stores that customers visit FIRST

Has the biggest shopping day of the year dwindled down?

The National Retail Federation expects so this year as the sales are spread out over several weeks. Black Friday sales started the weekend of Halloween and lead up to Thanksgiving. Doorbuster sales are no longer at the crack of dawn. And some of the biggest sales start on Thanksgiving evening. But who shops on Thanksgiving? After all, ‘family time’ is the most popular Thanksgiving activity, according to our study with moms.

In fact, our study also showed that shopping was second in popularity among Thanksgiving activities, and now we’ll be able to see in real-time just how people are shopping on Black Friday at BlackFridayScoreboard.com.

“It’s a little bit like Santa tracking,” said Henry Ho, co-founder of Field Agent, on 8th & Walton – the premier destination for Walmart supplier education.

We’re asking thousands of our agents across the country a few of questions while they’re out shopping at the biggest shopping event of the year. This data will be displayed at BlackFridayScoreboard.com. We’re asking our agents:

  1. Where did you shop FIRST on Black Friday (or Thanksgiving evening)?
  2. Take a photo of the lines and crowds at that store.

Data will be rolling in from 6:00pm CST on Thanksgiving evening to 12:00 noon on Friday, November 28. Currently, the countdown is live at BlackFridayScoreboard.com and you can sign up to get notified when it starts. A report will also be generated after the results are in.


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