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    Hard Choices 2017: The Skinny on Fast Food, Snacks, Soda, & Alcohol

    Feb 13, 2017 | Field Agent Restaurants

    Download the fourth report, "Hard Choices," in Field Agent's 2017 Healthy Living Series.


    When Americans decide to live healthier, let’s face it, some things are usually the first to go: tobacco, for instance. Or maybe fast food, high-calorie snacks, soda, or—perish the thought—alcohol.

    In other words, living healthier often means making hard choices.

    Very, very hard choices.

    These choices greatly influence consumer spending, and can even upend entire industries.


    Hard Choices Study Snapshot Last week mobile solutions firm Field Agent surveyed more than 1,000 adults to understand Americans' attitudes and purchase intentions toward fast food, snacks, soda, alcohol, and tobacco.

    The results are available in our latest report, “Hard Choices 2017,” the penultimate installment in Field Agent's popular, five-part 2017 Healthy Living Series.

    This report contains timely insights into:

    • Americans' plans to alter their intake of fast food, snacks, soda, alcohol, and tobacco
    • Perceptions about the nutritional value of specific snacks and drinks
    • The soda brands consumers reach for when they want a relatively healthier beverage
    • Attitudes toward the regulation of sugary drinks, snacks, fast food, alcohol, and tobacco
    • The snacks Americans say they'd struggle most to give up
    • Smokers' preferred retail outlets and cessation aids

    Download this free report today!


    The 2017 Healthy Living Series encompasses five different parts, as follows:

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    The 2017 Healthy Living Series by Field Agent: Healthy Living, Healthy Business

    Hard Choices - Healthy Living 2017 Part 4 Download




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