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    5 Insider Tips for DIY Success

    Aug 24, 2015 | Field Agent

    5 Tips for Success Inside Field Agent's DIY

    Field Agent offers companies a variety of self- and full-service audit and research solutions. Our Do-It-Yourself job-builder lets self-service clients quickly and easily create and launch their own jobs as well as monitor real-time results as they pour in. The newly redesigned DIY program gives these clients access to the same tools Field Agent team members use every single day. In this article we share 5 “insider” tips, which Field Agent team members regularly rely on, to help self-service clients make the most of their DIY experience.

    Do-It-Yourself clients enjoy access to the same tools we at Field Agent use every day to create, launch, and analyze audit and research projects for Fortune 500 companies. 

    Over the years, Field Agent team members have learned several “tricks of the trade” for using the DIY system. Think of these as techniques that enable us to manage projects as quickly, easily, and effectively as possible.

    Some of these practices are simply too good not to share, so below we briefly describe 5 insider tips for your own DIY success. Of course you can always access our full menu of resources and best practices 24 hours a day in our DIY Help Center

    1. Better Instructions = Better Results

    No single principle is more critical to your DIY success. For best results, you should equip agents with instructions that are specific, clear, and friendly, positive, and helpful in tone. As you build your audit or research project, you’ll have ample opportunity (at the beginning and throughout the project) to tell agents exactly what you want. Field Agent team members know well: it pays to express your wishes clearly and completely. Learn more here.   

    Help Images let DIY clients supplement written instructions with visually descriptive photos.2. Show…Don’t Just Tell

    It’s been said: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Help Images let DIY clients supplement written instructions with visually descriptive photos. So if, for example, you need agents to take pictures of or answer questions about specific displays, signs, or products, it helps to provide a help image. And as you can see here, the DIY program makes this easy to do.    

    3. To be Clear, Be Common

    Keep in mind: Our agents are not professional researchers, nor are they business insiders. So it’s generally best to avoid research and industry jargon when phrasing your questions and instructions. At Field Agent we strive to write on an 8th Grade level when building jobs. Not only does this ensure all agents will understand the instructions, but it also allows for quicker, more accurate completion of audit and research projects.       

    4. Locations: The More the Merrier

    For a single project, the DIY tool allows users to upload more stores than they actually intend on auditing, which, in turn, enables agents to complete jobs in far less time. If, for instance, a client wishes to audit 10% of 1000 stores nationwide, Field Agent recommends they upload the entire list of 1000 stores and, then, set a “response cutoff” of 100 stores (i.e., 10%). When speed matters and you need audit results as quickly as possible, remember: the more locations the merrier.    

    5. Look at Results from a Different Angle

    Our newly redesigned dashboard lets you filter and view job results from a variety of angles, so you can glean deeper, richer insights. To illustrate, you might want to see job results only for 18-24 year olds, or perhaps you want to view results only for those who answered “completely agree” on a particular question. Whatever your need, the DIY tool puts you in full control by allowing you to customize results to your unique needs. 

    On the dashboard, toward the top of the job results page, you’ll find an option to “show filters.” Once selected, several filtering options appear. Check one or multiple boxes, and then click “apply filters.” Finally, sit back and watch as results are instantly recalculated to reflect only those demographic and/or request (i.e., agent response) filters you selected.

    As we like to say at Field Agent: Do-It-Yourself doesn’t mean Do-It-Alone. Our Help Center offers video tutorials, best practice articles, and FAQs to enhance your DIY experience. It’s never been easier to get fast, affordable answers to your most pressing business questions. 

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