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    7 Lessons Holiday Retailers Can Learn from an Iconic Toy Store [Video]

    Retail is changing fast. radically. indelibly.

    This is particularly true for the toy industry, still reeling from the onslaught of digital commerce and the nationwide closure of Toys ‘R’ Us stores.

    According to Field Agent’s new holiday preview, it appears Walmart, Amazon, and Target are faring best in a post-TRU, pre-TRU Kids world, but this doesn’t mean they—and other toy retailers—aren’t grappling with some harsh realities of selling toys in a digital, omnichannel world.


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    Some toy-sellers clearly believe the way forward is by looking backwards: to a time when toy stores offered a true, immersive experience, not just a toy. Talking about his vision for the new TRU Kids venture, which is to be born out of the ashes of Toys ‘R’ Us, CEO Richard Barry said the retailer will emphasize experiences, technology, and customer service.

    Which sounds a lot like another toy store we know; an iconic toy store that has been emphasizing service and interaction for years.

    FAO Schwarz of New York City.

    What can holiday retailers, particularly toy-sellers, learn from this venerable toy store as they gear up for the 2019 holiday season?

    Field Agent dispatched 10 mystery shoppers to FAO Schwarz to tour the store and tell us what, more than anything, retailers can learn from the way FAO Schwarz merchandises toys. Their feedback, as you’ll see, is compelling.

    Watch the video below, then scroll down for “7 Lessons Holiday Retailers Can Learn from an Iconic Toy Store.”




    7 Lessons Holiday Retailers Can Learn from an Iconic Toy Store

    Field Agent asked participating mystery shoppers to detail lessons they felt retailers, particularly toy-sellers, could learn from the FAO Schwarz way.
    We present seven below:



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