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    Photo Gallery: Shoppers Show Off Walmart's New, Enhanced Supercenter

    Sep 17, 2019 | Field Agent Retail Audit, Grocery

    Even as the world's largest retailer, Walmart is no stranger to experimentation. The retail juggernaut has tested everything from digital shelf labels to LED floor advertisements.

    This week, Walmart unveiled an upgrade to its supercenter in Dallas, Georgia. The store features a new layout in both the Electronics and Baby departments, as well as an automated "pickup tower" where customers can retrieve their online orders.

    But the most striking feature? The new "Walmart Health" center, where people (and pets!) can receive medical treatment. This is all part of Walmart's plan to become "America's neighborhood health destination."


    Ready to see it for yourself?

    Field Agent sent four agents to check out some of the store's new features. The photos below offer a shopper's-eye view of the enhanced supercenter. Then, scroll further down to learn what our shoppers thought about the new supercenter format.

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    Walmart's Enhanced Supercenter


    Walmart Enhanced Superstore Agent Photos


    Shopper reviews of the newly-upgraded supercenter were overwhelmingly positive. In fact, all four of our agents rated the store as "much better" than the traditional Walmart Supercenter format. As the following agent quotes show, the reviews praised the open layout and wide aisles, as well as the new features:

    • "There's more room in the store and the store feels so open. I like how this Walmart is truly a one-stop spot."
    • "As you enter, the pickup tower immediately catches your eye. I know I will use this! It looks so simple, and I love the idea of in and out with my groceries."
    • "This is not the Walmart store closest to me but I will begin shopping here because I liked it so much."

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