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    Alcoholic Beverages: INFOGRAPHIC Distills Drinkers' Preferences

    Alcohol-Infographic.jpgWe have something special on tap for you.

    Field Agent recently surveyed 500 drinking-age U.S. adults (50% men/50% women; average age = 40) about their purchases of and behavior toward alcoholic beverages. The sample consisted exclusively of self-identified drinkers.

    We asked a range of questions, including: 

    • What alcoholic beverages—beer, wine, champagne, vodka, etc.—do you purchase?
    • What non-alcoholic beverages do you mix with alcohol?
    • From where—liquor stores, restaurants, mass merchandisers, etc.—do you purchase alcohol?
    • On or during what occasions do you consume alcohol?
    • Are you drinking more or less than you were 5 years ago?

    We extracted several key insights from the responses, which we share below as a rich, colorful infographic. Particular attention is paid to the differences between men and women.

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