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    Top 10: America's Favorite Halloween Displays

    Feel that shiver running down your spine? Halloween is right around the corner.

    Spooky decorations are appearing in front lawns everywhere, and soon little ghosts and ghouls will be trick-or-treating for tasty candy. And for companies that sell those goodies, it just wouldn't be Halloween without in-store displays, decked with pumpkins and ghosts. 

    To get a look at the Halloween displays of 2020, we sent our mobile shoppers (we call them agents) to 48 Walmart Supercenter locations, one in each of the contiguous 48 states. They sent us a monster mash of spooky displays, scroll on to see ten of their favorites!


    Favorite Halloween Displays

    We asked our agents to seek out and count each and every branded, Halloween-themed grocery display in their local Walmart Supercenter. Each agent was instructed to choose their favorite display, photograph it, and review it with a sentence or two. Below we present 10 of America's favorite Halloween displays.


    Halloween Displays 2020 McKee - Agent Photo

    Julianne A. loved this Little Debbie display in Georgetown, Delaware. "I thought it was super cute and fall like," she said. "It was very homey."


    Halloween Displays 2020 Mars - Agent Photo

    Carl S. spotted this Mars display in Williston, Maryland. "It was the only display I could find," he wrote, "but the color scheme is nice and I enjoy the candies it's advertising." Carl was surprised by the lack of Halloween displays: "I found just one display. I was shocked at how few there were honestly."


    Halloween Displays 2020 Hershey - Agent Photo

    Tucker P. snagged a photo of this haunted "chocolate castle" by Hershey at his local Walmart in Laramie, Wyoming.


    Halloween Displays 2020 Diageo - Agent Photo

    This display of Diageo liquor brands jumped out at Gary D. from far away. "The signage is tall and can be seen as you walk toward the back of the grocery section," he said. "It's the only one in the store. It stands out."


    Halloween Displays 2020 Mars - Agent Photo

    Susan W. enjoyed this Mars candy display in Cummings, Georgia: "This is a cute display but I only had 2 to choose from." Susan also had trouble finding what she was looking for: "very few Halloween displays here."


    Halloween Displays 2020 Bimbo Bakeries - Agent Photo

    Jennifer W. of Normal, Illinois, noticed this baked goods display by Bimbo Bakeries. "The pumpkins and apples mean both halloween and fall to me," she said.


    Halloween Displays 2020 General Mills - Agent Photo

    "It has a friendly pumpkin!" said Elaine Q. of Portland, Oregon. Elaine saw the displays as a warm reminder of normalcy during a crazy year: "I think the 3 displays I saw were in good taste, considering the holiday may not be very traditional for many kids and adults during this pandemic."


    Halloween Displays 2020 Mars - Agent Photo

    Maria S. found this interesting Mars display in her Coldwater, Michigan Walmart. "Fun display with the spooky tree, and the candy are the leaves. The full moon and bats flying are a nice touch as well." Maria also noticed the limited number of displays: "There's lots of Halloween items, but most are not in a fun Halloween style display."


    Halloween Displays 2020 Hershey - Agent Photo

    Gardenia O. of Moscow, Idaho thought this Hershey display was "the cutest of the 4 displays!" We'd have to agree, that is pretty darn cute.


    Halloween Displays 2020 Mars - Agent Photo

    Joseph G. enjoyed this Mars display, "mainly because it contains one of my favorite candy which are M&Ms." He had no trouble finding displays at his Walmart: "they tend to be in logical places around the store."


    Many agents found that they didn't have a lot of Halloween displays to choose from, but 33 of them found at least one branded grocery display. Below is a map of our 48 shoppers and their favorite displays. 

    Halloween Response Locations


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