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    Bettergoods Survey: 1,000 Shoppers Tell All on Walmart’s New Brand

    On April 30, 2024, Walmart launched bettergoods — a new private food brand focused on creating affordable alternatives for healthy, plant-based products.

    Field Agent decided to ask everyday shoppers: Is ‘bettergoods’ really better goods?

    From May 7–14, Field Agent surveyed 1,000 U.S. shoppers* to determine their honest perception on Walmart’s new line.

    *All survey respondents were U.S. adults at least 18 years of age and smartphone owners. The survey was executed through the Field Agent platform, May 7–14, 2024, with a random sample of shoppers. Demos: Gender - Female (72.8%), Male (25.9%), Prefer Not to Say (0.13%), Age - 18-29 (11%), 30-39 (35%), 40-49 (30%), 50+ (23%); Household Income - < $35K (13%), $35-49K (11%), $50-74K (14%), $75-99K (15%), $100-125K (7%), $125K+ (13%), Prefer Not to Say (10%); Race/Ethnicity - Caucasian/White (62%), Latino/Hispanic (9%), African American/Black (6%), Asian American (6%), Native American (1%), Other (4%); Number of Children in Household - None (34%), 1-2 (36%), 3-5 (12%), 6+ (0.6%), Prefer Not to Say (2%)


    General Understanding and First Impression

    When Field Agent released the survey, only 1 in 4 Americans were aware of Walmart's new private brand, and of those aware, only 35% had tested it for themselves.

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    Within the survey, Field Agent provided a high-level summary of the bettergoods products — sharing direct quotes from Walmart’s press release.



    And based on these highlights alone, shoppers feel generally positive about the new launch — with 80% sharing that they feel somewhat or very positive. 

    And, just a single person felt very negatively. (There’s always got to be someone, right?)

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    Inside the Store

    We sent shoppers inside Walmarts around the country to experience bettergoods for themselves. At this point, Walmart has released a limited number of products, mostly in the frozen dairy category — with some 300 SKUs to roll out in the coming months.

    1 in 10 shoppers shared they had a hard time finding the bettergoods ice cream product on the shelf. Prompting shoppers to take a photo of the ice cream that most stands out to them, shoppers submitted pictures of the products in the 4-foot planogram.

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    From observation alone, shoppers view Walmart’s initial bettergoods products favorably. For those who haven’t tested the product, we displayed in-app sample images of an ice cream product.


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    Shoppers digested information and gave positive feedback based on the provided nutrition facts, ingredients, price, description, and e-commerce Walmart.com website.

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    We drilled down into specific thoughts about ingredients and value. According to the results, shoppers seem to view the culinary options more enthusiastically than the monetary value of the product.

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    Products to Come 

    The Fortune 1 retailer shared that it’s planning to roll out 300 items across multiple categories, including frozen, dairy, snacks, beverages, pasta, soups, coffee, chocolate, and more.

    Survey respondents said they’d be most interested in the bettergoods snacks (32%) and frozen foods (31%), and least interested in chocolate (4%) and soup (1%).

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    More than half of the participants (51%) shared that they found the range of products appealing. 

    Competitive Edge

    According to a 2024 Mintel survey, global consumer behavior and healthy eating trends are changing due to a post-pandemic focus on health and preventive nutrition, ongoing economic challenges, and more research into the health risks of ultra-processed foods.

    For the past decade, better-for-you SKUs have started to saturate each category. Plant-based, “made-without”, and ingredient-conscious products are common.

    Walmart boasts that it is “...continuing its mission to democratize access to quality, delicious and innovative foods that customers crave at the Every Day Low Price Walmart delivers.”

    But how does it compare to products that are already in the market? Survey says: same ol’, same ol’.

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    The major distinguishing factor, with a nod to Walmart’s slogan, is the more affordable pricing. This is a positive remark for Walmart in regards to their commitment stated in the release: “Bettergoods items range from under $2 to under $15, with most products available for under $5.”




    Future Purchasing Predictions

    So, what’s the bottom line? Will consumers choose bettergoods in their future grocery carts?

    The resounding answer from shoppers is “probably,” with very few shoppers (9%) saying probably or definitely not.

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    Even if current Walmart customers don’t choose to buy bettergoods products in the future, the announcement of the innovative new brand label solidifies their customer loyalty to the major retailer.

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    Shoppers Are Hopeful for Walmart’s Bettergoods 

    In an open-form answer, we asked shoppers their general thoughts about the new bettergoods brand, and the top words received were good, new, excited, and options.

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    Overall, the Field Agent survey reveals strong consumer approval for Walmart's new bettergoods line — highlighting its potential to revolutionize the grocery sector with affordable, plant-based options. 

    It’s still early to make a definitive conclusion on the future success of the line, but the positive feedback on the brand's value and innovation promises a broad market appeal and a solid competitive edge. 

    As Walmart continues to expand this line, bettergoods is set to meet modern consumers' demands for healthier and more accessible food choices.

    Interested in gaining deeper insights into how your product line resonates with consumers? Connect with Field Agent today to leverage our comprehensive survey and audit solutions. Start making data-driven decisions that propel your brand forward.


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