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    Case Study: How Digital Demo Helped Kraft Heinz Pour on Retail Sales

    Nov 5, 2019 | Field Agent Digital Demo

    A new line of salad dressings from Kraft Heinz is poised for big things. 

    Kraft Heinz Salad Dressing

    But Josh Bruns, associate director of shopper marketing for the Kraft-Heinz Walmart team, knows even promising new products can get overlooked on crowded store shelves.

    “At Walmart, many new items are lost in a sea of similar offerings,” Bruns said. “In the salad dressing category, it feels like the selection is limitless, and getting a brand new item with only a few facings to stand out seems like an insurmountable task.”

    To give his new product the best chance of success, Bruns turned to Digital Demo by Field Agent.

    Download the free case study: "Kraft Heinz Pours on Retail Sales."


    On the front end, Digital Demo targeted specific shoppers to purchase the new Kraft Heinz product from specified Walmart stores. On the back end, Digital Demo offered the brand several additional benefits: high-quality online content, positive word-of-mouth, and even the ability to track repurchase.  

    Kraft Heinz Salad Dressing Stats

    Ultimately, Digital Demo gave the new line of salad dressings just the boost it needed early in its life cycle.

    Download the free case study, “Kraft Heinz Pours on Retail Sales,” to see how Digital Demo helped a new brand make a powerful first impression.

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