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    Buy & Try: Shoppers Sample Festive Coke, Sprite Flavors [Video]

    Oct 30, 2019 | Field Agent Grocery, Digital Demo

    'Tis the season for festive new flavors,
    With cinnamon, chocolate, and eggnog to savor.

    The aisles are stocked up with new products to buy,
    And seasonal flavors of favorites to try.

    Coke has new flavors for making you merry,
    Cinnamon Coke and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry.


    Pop quiz: What one beverage brand do you think shoppers most associate with celebrating Christmas? You might be surprised.

    Field Agent asked 2,100 shoppers to identify the one beverage that most says "Christmas."

    As reported in our 2019 Holiday Preview, 507 respondents answered Coke, nearly four times as many as second place Swiss Miss (129) and third place Pepsi (123).

    Maybe it's the clever advertising (hello, polar bears), or perhaps it's thanks to childhood memories. Whatever it is, Coke is big at Christmas.


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    Not surprisingly, The Coca-Cola Company is seeking to capitalize on this festive brand recognition by releasing new seasonal flavors for two of its most popular brands: Cinnamon Coca-Cola and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry.

    Field Agent couldn't resist the opportunity to see what consumers themselves think about these new flavors, so we enlisted 14 agents to buy and try both Cinnamon Coke and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry.

    Watch the video to get their reactions, then read on for more insights!


    HubSpot Video


    Feedback: Seasonal Coke & Sprite

    Perhaps the biggest question about any new flavor: Will curious tasters buy it again? Half of Cinnamon Coke tasters (i.e., 7 of 14) said they'd be completely or very likely to purchase the product again. In their own words: 

    "Reminded me of the holidays. The hint of cinnamon is a major contrast to the normal everyday flavored soda."

    "I have consumed Coca-Cola since I was very young and have seen the fad flavors come and go. Cinnamon Coca-Cola is stellar. The taste mixes perfectly with the cola and it leaves you yearning for more."


    Coca-Cola Repurchase Stats


    Samplers were less repurchase-minded about seasonal Sprite. Just 4 of 14 indicated they were completely or very likely to repurchase the cranberry flavor.

    "The Sprite doesn't taste like traditional Sprite, but is pleasant and fruity with mild spice."

    "The Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite was ok, but the flavor was underwhelming. It did not taste that much different than regular Sprite."


    Sprite Repurchase Stats


    Cinnamon Coca-Cola edged out Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry as the better of the two drinks. When asked, 8 of 14 agents said they preferred Cinnamon Coke over the seasonal Sprite flavor.


    Preferred Soda


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