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    Encore, encore: MilIlennials, Cord-Cutting and 3 Primetime Insights

    Mar 31, 2015 | Field Agent Mobile Research


    An encore presentation of our recent Millennial cord-cutting study. It’s one of our most popular studies to date, and here’s your chance to join hundreds of others by downloading your free copy of this informative report.        

    Apple Web TV, Sling TV, HBO Go, CBS All Access…streaming TV services are all the rage right now. It’s becoming increasingly clear: The future of TV is cord-less and, to listen to the experts, a la carte as well.

    Many of the newest, most innovative streaming platforms are an attempt to woo Millennials—that up and coming consumer class whose swelling purchase power and market influence have captivated marketers. These 19-34-year-olds are demanding TV on their own terms, and they’re resisting traditional modes of content delivery.

    Field Agent recently published the results of a survey with 300 Millennials, in which we asked young people about their TV and cord-cutting attitudes and behaviors. The study has garnered a good deal of attention from both content providers and consumers. What follows are 3 primetime insights from this study, but, even better, you can click below for your own free copy of the whitepaper.

    Primetime Insight #1

    Subscription web-streaming services (e.g., Netflix, Hulu) are more prevalent than Cable and/or Satellite services among Millennials…but not by much. Our study found that 74% of young people ages 19-34 access their paid-for TV content through one or more streaming services. Compare this to 70% for Cable/Satellite.    

    74% of Millennials access their paid-for TV content through one or more streaming services

    Primetime Insight #2

    An overwhelming 99% of Millennials agreed: They want to be able to pick and choose the channels they watch. And it’s just such attitudes that are driving the current revolution in TV. Find out more about this revolution, and Millennials’ attitudes about TV and cord-cutting, in the full report

    99% agree that they want to be able to pick and choose the channels they watch

    Primetime Insight #3

    Why cut-the-cord…exactly? Better value/lower cost was the top reason, with 84% of cord-cutting Millennials citing it as a primary reason for their decision to leave traditional TV behind. 

    84% decided to cut the cord because of the better value / lower cost

    Get the Full Report

    The full report, which we packaged as an attractive, easy-to-read whitepaper, addresses other pressing matters as well. For instance:

    • Do Millennials feel they lose anything by cutting-the-cord?
    • What is the likelihood young people will return to Cable, Satellite, or traditional TV in general?
    • What are the most prevalent streaming services among Millennials—in terms of both brand awareness and usage rates?

    Stay tuned. It gets good.

    How are 'Cord-Cutting' Millennials Changing TV Forever?



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