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    Field Agent Named Mobile Research Agency of the Year

    MRMW-Award-featured-image.jpgIn a day when it’s hard to find someone without a smartphone, it seems strange to think these little devices are a fairly new phenomenon. Field Agent was fortunate almost seven years ago to see the trend toward smartphone technology and jump onboard. We knew our world of traditional consumer research was about to change alongside a new and quickly growing mobile awareness.

    We just didn’t know how much.

    MRMW Award - Mobile Research Agency of the YearIt turns out we were witnessing more than technological change; unfolding before our eyes was a profound shift in how members of our society interact with their worlds. Now, in 2016, Field Agent is blessed to be a key part of this shift—every single day.

    Through this period of seismic change we’ve learned one bedrock principle:

    Not all mobile research is created equal.


    Let me explain.

    Some have approached mobile research with the mindset people will complete traditional surveys and tasks on their phone’s web browser just like they did on their computer screen. However, there are others—count me among them—who believe mobile technology is fundamentally different.

    Simplicity, user experience, design, and speed are crucial on a mobile device. At Field Agent, we’ve incorporated these elements into our technology designs to ensure we provide intuitive mobile experiences that produce reliable consumer data.

    Our homegrown technologies, along with our unique approach to shopper research, are why Field Agent was recently recognized as the Mobile Research Agency of the Year. This award was presented by MRMW (Market Research in the Mobile World) at its U.S. conference in Fort Worth last week.

    MRMW is a group that exists to promote and validate the importance of mobile in the world of market research. They are on a global mission to help companies come to a critical realization: 

    That shoppers live, shop, and buy in a world where most decisions are made in the palms of their hands. 

    And, if you plan to learn from these shoppers, you need to meet them where they live…on their phones.

    The Field Agent team was honored and excited to receive the award from MRMW. It is a reflection on how a young company with a different approach can, with some hard work, a steady focus, and a generous amount of help along the way, be successful in this industry.

    Here’s to riding the wave until the next shift!


    Field Agent Research Team


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