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    FREE RESOURCE: The Brand Manager's Guide to Q4 Retail

    Oct 4, 2016 | Field Agent

    The stakes are simply higher in Q4.

    That goes for companies across a wide expanse of industries—from toys to fan gear, candy to consumer electronics.

    As a company founded by CPG veterans for CPG companies, Field Agent specializes in helping brands identify problems in their retail execution, ultimately to improve sales with shoppers.

    With Q4 now upon us, The Brand Manager's Guide to Q4 Retail shares six common causes of suboptimal—you might say, underachieving—retail execution among CPG companies.

    In Q4, it's not just the sales you make that determine your success; it's the sales you don't lose. Not just the funds you spend (e.g., on in-store marketing), but the funds you don't waste.

    In other words, Q4 success is a function of strategy and execution, and The Brand Manager's Guide to Q4 Retail briefly addresses six challenges that commonly undermine brands' retail execution.

    Download this free guide today.

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