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    Data in the Ecommerce Age: A Conversation with Rick West [Podcast]

    Brands need an intimate understanding of their shoppers' needs, especially in the ecommerce age. After all, if you aren't meeting their expectations...

    ...your competitors are only a click away.

    But understanding shoppers' needs means data. Sometimes, lots of it.

    How can brands (especially startups with limited research budgets) gather the data they need to fully engage with online shoppers and convert them to customers?

    Rick West Quote

    Field Agent's co-founder and CEO, Rick West, sat down with Scott Seward and Ray Johnston, hosts of the Growth & Greatness Ecommerce Podcast, to discuss the importance of research to ecommerce success.

    "If we’ve learned anything in our journey [that holds for ecommerce as well], it's that creating a frictionless shopping experience is the number one thing [brands] can do," Rick said.

    The key to maximizing that experience? Good data.

    In this wide-ranging conversation, Rick, Scott, and Ray cover topics like...

    • Targeting specific demographics in market research
    • Using consumer research on a limited budget
    • Asking the right questions when gathering data
    • Improving the shopper experience

    Along the way, they discuss success stories from across the industry, and how Field Agent's technology is pioneering a new future for retail research.


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