Gift Wishes 2017: What Women REALLY Want for Christmas

01 Nov, 2017 Field Agent

It might be easy to overlook that gift purchases don’t actually begin as gift purchases. 

They often begin as gift wishes.

Some wishes are delicately hinted-at; others are openly and shamelessly declared. Yet, regardless of their delivery, it’s helpful to remember: Gift wishes beget gift purchases.

In this way, gift wishes provide a leading indicator of which products and retailers are prime for a successful holiday season. 


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What Do Women Want for Christmas 2017?


Which is why Field Agent asked over 1,000 women what, more than anything else, they want for Christmas this year. We asked men the same question. 

Some of their wishes were more general than others, which is why we compiled their responses at both general and specific levels.

At the more granular, brand-specific level, women asked for (in descending order): Macbook Pro Laptops, Apple Watches, KitchenAid Mixers, Samsung Galaxy S8 Phones, and iPads.


But the majority of women didn't mention brands at all. Instead, they phrased their wishes generally.

We share these wishes below.

(Husbands, take note.)


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Women's Wishes - 2017 Christmas Wishlist 


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