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    The Green Scene 2017: Insights into 1,500 LAWN & GARDEN Shoppers

    Jan 26, 2017 | Field Agent Specialty Stores

    Note: This blog post introduces Field Agent's 2017 Lawn & Garden Report. Our 2019 Lawn & Garden Report is also now available by clicking here. 


    Gardens will soon be full of sweet-smelling flowers; yards will be full of fresh, brilliantly green grass; and, lawn and garden retailers will be full of purchase-minded shoppers.

    That's right. It’ll soon be lawn and garden season, when shoppers spend billions—$36 billion for the full course of 2015—on fertilizer, weed-killer, lawn mowers, and all the other kit necessary to create and maintain a beautiful yard.

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    Special Report: The Green Scene 2017


    To help brands and retailers prepare for the coming onrush of lawn and garden shoppers, this weekend Field Agent surveyed over 1,500 verified homeowners. We explored their lawn care and landscaping activities, purchase intentions, and shopping priorities.

    The culminating report, The Green Scene 2017, is sprouting with insights into lawn and garden shoppers, including:

    • The most prevalent retail channels for lawn and garden purchases
    • Lawn care activity and spending by region
    • Shoppers’ top considerations when purchasing lawn and garden products
    • Americans’ likes and dislikes toward lawn and garden shopping

    Download The Green Scene 2017 today. It’s free.

    All survey respondents were homeowners with lawns and gardens. To participate, they were required to submit one or more photos of their homes, yards, and gardens.

    So gear up for the rapidly approaching lawn care and landscaping season. Start with Field Agent’s newest report, The Green Scene 2017, available now for free download.

    Lawn & Garden 2017 Free Download

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