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    Plum is Here! The World's First Retail Solutions Marketplace

    You can buy fresh groceries online. No problem.

    You can buy expensive electronics, obscure collectibles, exotic vacation rentals, and 24/7 consumer services. All online -- with just a few clicks. 

    You can even buy multi-thousand-dollar automobiles online. Your new ride will arrive on your driveway—honk, honk—in a matter of days. Just that easy.

    So why is it that brand and retail professionals, like you, still have to endure long sales cycles, presentations, and contracts, just to launch a simple retail solution like auditing, merchandising, product photography, or syndicated reviews?

    Isn't it time retail solutions entered the ecommerce age?

    Today, we're excited to say, is that day.

    Here's Rick to break the big news...

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    Meet Plum: The One-Stop Shop for Retail Success

    Plum is the world's first B2B retail-solutions marketplace.

    On Plum, industry professionals will find a wide assortment of solutions — each designed to be shopped, purchased, and launched with a few clicks, in a few minutes

    Starting today, all Field Agent self-serve solutions will be available exclusively on Plum, where you'll find them alongside click-and-launch solutions from other trusted service-providers.

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    As stated in the press release, at launch, Plum features more than 50 streamlined solutions from six solution-providers across six categories:

    • Auditing
    • Merchandising
    • Product trial
    • Marketing
    • Ecommerce
    • Insights

    And Plum will continue aggressively adding new products, categories, and providers, with one simple mission in mind: To bring retail solutions into the ecommerce age.

    So professionals like you spend less time, money, and effort shopping, purchasing, and launching retail services. And more time growing your business.

    Find out more at plumshop.com.

    And while you're at it, why not subscribe to the Plum Blog? There you'll find high-quality articles, videos, and downloads -- to help you build your retail knowledge.

    Plum - Click your way to retail success

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