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    Field Agent and Shelfgram Created A Virtual Store Walk from Your Desk

    For years, brand managers for years have said to us, “I want to see what’s going on in the store, and sure, I have the local one next to me, but it’s just a small glimpse.” What about the store 20 miles from there? Or across the country?

    Field Agent and Shelfgram have joined forces to create an innovative digital platform that revolutionizes the way Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) professionals perceive and analyze their products in stores.

    This groundbreaking partnership extends its reach across 60 countries — offering a comprehensive solution for brands and retailers to gain insights not only into the present, but also years into the past.

    Henry Ho, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Field Agent, shared, “Field Agent and Shelfgram's new software allows organizations around the world to have an awareness of what's going on in-store. From categories to channels, this software gives us a full view of what's happening in the retail landscape so companies can make the best decisions for their business.”

    Bringing Together Field Agent Insights and Shelfgram Technology

    Field Agent, utilizing a crowdsourced panel of over two million shoppers via its smartphone app, captures photos of every four feet of the main aisles and standalone secondary displays in stores on a daily basis. 

    The collaboration with Shelfgram then takes these images and transforms them into a planogram view, incorporating Shelfgram's advanced AI and heatmap technology. This combination provides a holistic understanding of retail execution, allowing brands and retailers to make informed decisions.

    “From a laptop, leaders in the retail industry can fly across the country to see what their shoppers are seeing,” said Bram Warshafsky, founder of Shelfgram. “Gone are the days of getting POS data and wondering why market share swings up or down. With this platform, people can time travel and understand the causal drivers behind sales figures.”

    • Real-time Image Gathering: Field Agent's extensive network of Agents gather real-time images, providing an up-to-the-minute snapshot of product placement and visibility.

    • Planogram View: Shelfgram's AI and heatmap technology filter and stitch together Field Agent photos, offering a planogram view that enhances comprehension of retail landscapes.

    • Artificial Intelligence: Data is mined and aggregated from each photo—making it easy to search by brands, retailers, categories, and even specific text on the packaging.

    • Global Insight: With coverage in over 60 countries, the platform provides a global perspective, allowing organizations to stay aware of retail dynamics worldwide.

    Top Features of the Platform

    With Competitive Product Analysis, users can conduct in-depth analyses of competitive products in both physical stores and online markets to track categorical success over time.

    Customizable Dashboards showcase over 30 unique dashboards, enabling users to drill down into leaders by retailer, channel, geography, and brand development. Plus, identify brand distribution gaps, category inflation, discoverability, and share of shelf to make strategic decisions for business growth with Strategic Insights.

    Now, brands can easily collect, catalog, and download thousands of pieces of data each week — keeping their finger on the pulse of everything that's happening within the category. They’ll have acute awareness of brand perception in-store, online, and through the public eye.

    Get a Demo Today

    Ready to explore the future of retail intelligence? Supercharge your brand, give powerful insights, and never miss a beat. Start a free trial to learn more about the platform, or talk with us directly about how this could benefit your company.

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