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    2023 Field Agent Wrapped

    Looking back at what makes a year, we’re often prompted by brands and tools we utilize to give us a summary. Our phones notify us, Camera Roll: “Friends Over the Year.” Our music apps give us a ping, Spotify: “Your 2023 Wrapped is here!” Our screen time monitor shares the hours we spend scrolling and, well, we won’t go there.

    Field Agent decided to do a self assessment of all the accomplishments, jobs, and major mile markers that 2023 held. We simply could not keep this to ourselves.

    Jobs: Wrapped

    Between January and December of this year, 112,333 unique jobs were built and completed by the Field Agent team for our clients. To break that down? That means over 300 projects per day.

    Within each job — whether it be for a price check, signage audit, or digital demo — shoppers were potentially asked to take photos or answer questions. By the end of the year, we’ve received and approved 5,239,447 images. That amount of storage data is equal to 10TB, or 22,000 episodes of Game of Thrones. By the end of this year, we also have received 6,500,443 answered questions. 

    Our most reviewed item received 2,510 ratings and unique reviews in 2023. We won’t reveal what the product is, but we will brag that it’s sitting at 4.5 stars.

    Gold Star Field Agents 

    Mid-size SUVs boast fuel-efficiency and loads of leg room. Now, you may not care about the benefits of a brand new 2023 mid-size vehicle, but our top-performing agent might. The highest earnings by one Field Agent in 2023 was $22,772.70. (And, she’s still got a few days to go.)

    The city with the most agents in one area this year is Houston, Texas, with 439 active agents. They do say everything’s bigger there, after all. But let’s not forget about the cities that grew the most:

    • Fayetteville, AR increased by 49 agents (Field Agent headquarters here, logically.)
    • Glen Burnie, MD increased by 28 agents
    • Grand Rapids, MI increased by 28 agents 

    The state that completed the most jobs this year was California at 59,963 submissions, followed closely by Texas at 58,406 submissions. Sorry, Texas.


    Sincerest Thanks

    We’re grateful to the companies we link arms with, agents who shop, our partners, and those who follow along with our research. Yes, you. It’s our pleasure to continue to provide audits, insights, and trial — allowing the CPG industry to continue to develop and succeed for its customers.


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