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    Is Your Brand Ready for Back to School Shoppers? [Checklist]

    Jun 25, 2019 | Field Agent Retail Audit

    It won’t be long now. Soon, retailers everywhere will be rolling out the back-to-school displays, signs, and deals.

    And for good reason. As we pointed out in our 2019 Back to School Report, BTS is second only to the holidays in terms of total shopper spending. With billions of dollars on the line, it’s a make-or-break event for many companies.

    Which raises an important question: Is your brand ready for BTS shoppers?


    The 2019 Back to School Checklist


    For 10 years, Field Agent has specialized in helping brands prepare for red-letter retail events like BTS. In that time, we’ve become aware of several common yet costly obstacles on the road to BTS success.

    Below, the 2019 Back to School Checklist is designed to help CPG companies make-ready for BTS shoppers.

    Like we said, it won't be long now.


    Download Field Agent’s free 2019 BACK TO SCHOOL REPORT, with over 40 pages of insight into the BTS-shopping attitudes and behaviors of 1,349 K-12 Moms.




    Free Report: Moms Talk 2019 BTS Shopping


    Field Agent’s free 2019 Back to School Report offers over 40 pages of insight into the BTS-shopping attitudes and behaviors of 1,349 K-12 Moms. The report explores questions like:

    • Which retailers will be tops among BTS families for school supplies, groceries, and clothing this year?
    • What foods and drinks will students tote along in their “packed lunches," and what breakfast foods will they consume prior to classes each morning?
    • What role will online shopping and store pickup play in BTS shopping this year?

    Make the most of the 2019 BTS season. Download this free report today!

    Back-to-School 2019 Report Download

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