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    REPORT: Groceries 2.0, Vol. 3, The Rise of Online Grocery Shopping

    Online grocery-shopping is hardly a novelty any longer. Digital-grocery services like BOPIS and “fresh” delivery are becoming more mainstream by the day.

    Earlier this month, in fact, a Field Agent survey of 3,342 grocery shoppers determined just over half, 52%, at least occasionally purchase groceries online. No wonder so many grocery-retailers are pouring money, time, and talent into online grocery-shopping services.


    But with all this investment and innovation, retail professionals may struggle to keep track of the digital-grocery landscape. It’s difficult, after all, to get one’s bearings when the terrain constantly shifts.

    So, to help companies and industry onlookers make sense of online grocery-shopping and digital grocery-retail as it currently exists, Field Agent presents the third volume of its popular report, Groceries 2.0.Groceries 2.0 V3 Report

    SPECIAL REPORT: Groceries 2.0, Volume III


    Based on surveys and studies with approximately 4,500 everyday shoppers, Groceries 2.0, Vol. III is a fun and informative look at “the rise of online grocery-shopping.” Spanning almost 30 pages, the free report explores questions like:

    • How many U.S. households purchase groceries online for store pickup, package delivery, and “fresh” delivery?
    • Which retailers are leading the way in the digital-grocery era?
    • What are shoppers' top concerns about buying groceries online?

    Here's a preview of what's inside...


    Groceries 2.0, Vol. III also contains several “digital-grocery spotlights,” each offering a glimpse at real-world happenings in digital-grocery. Spotlights include:

    • The curbside-pickup partnership between Aldi and Instacart
    • Grocery-pickup services among regional/local grocers
    • Walmart’s new Fast Lane checkout system
    • Grocery-shopping with “smart speakers”

    Download Groceries 2.0, Vol. III today…and get up to speed on all things digital-grocery.

    After all, it’s quickly becoming the new normal.

    Groceries 2.0 Vol III Report Download

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