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    Kroger X: Inside the Customer Experience at Kroger [Special Report]

    For retailers, especially in the hyper-competitive grocery sector, everything rises and falls on the customer experience (CX).

    • Can shoppers quickly and easily navigate stores?
    • Do employees treat shoppers kindly and professionally?
    • Are shoppers happy with prices, private labels, produce, and other make-or-break factors?
    • And, especially today, are shoppers satisfied with their digital experiences—from mobile apps to grocery pickup?

    All critical questions about CX, questions that ultimately determine winners and losers across the retail industry.


    Inside the CX at Kroger


    Kroger X Pick Up Service Agent Photo

    Over the coming weeks, Field Agent will provide in-depth looks at the CX across a few prominent retailers. We start at Kroger. With 2,758 stores and multiple banners to its name, Kroger is nothing short of a grocery powerhouse.

    But how does Kroger stack up on CX?

    From January 3-8, 2020, Field Agent audited and/or mystery shopped 61 Kroger stores across the country. We asked agents to inspect everything from in-store navigation to online ordering, employee courtesy to checkout times.

    We also ran nearly identical studies at Target and Walmart, to help draw comparisons from one retailer to another.

    The culminating report, “Kroger X: Inside the Customer Experience at Kroger,” is now available for free download. The report contains information and insights about several key dimensions of the Kroger CX:

    • Store navigation
    • Prices and perceptions
    • On-shelf availability
    • Store brands
    • Customer service
    • Checkout times
    • Online shopping
    • Pickup experiences
    • Produce freshness


    Kroger X Report Pages


    Kroger X is the first installment in Field Agent’s “X Series.” Subscribe to Endcaps & Insights today to receive automatic notifications when future reports become available.

    In the meantime, click below to download Kroger X…and start exploring the CX at Kroger.   


    Kroger X - Inside the Customer Experience at Kroger

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