LIVE BLOG: Sights & Sounds from Lidl's Grand Opening

At 8 a.m. this morning, German retailer Lidl opened its first 10 U.S. stores...and photos, video, and feedback are already rolling in from our agents.


Check this post throughout the day for the latest sights and sounds from all 10 Lidl stores!


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Thursday, June 15 4:37pm


Alright folks, that's a wrap!

Today, Field Agent collected more than 150 photos across all 10 of Lidl's new U.S. stores. We also captured 70 shopper videos. Scroll down to see a sample of the sights and sounds from today.


Field Agent will continue collecting images and insights throughout the evening. Visit the blog tomorrow to view the full results from this important Lidl QuickShop.

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Thursday, June 15 4:28pm



Thursday, June 15 4:25pm



Thursday, June 15 4:20pm



Thursday, June 15 4:18pm

Lidl's Private Brand



Shopper review: "The hazelnut spread compares to the brand Nutella which I normally buy...I enjoy the smooth texture and softness. Unfortunately it has a stronger hazelnut flavor."

Thursday, June 15 4:15pm

Lidl's  Bakery
"the best thing since sliced bread
is less expensive sliced bread."


Thursday, June 15 4:13pm


"Lidl has lower priced goods that I regularly buy, yet Aldi beats them in some prices." [Rocky Mount, NC]

Thursday, June 15 4:07pm



Thursday, June 15 4:04pm



Thursday, June 15 4:02pm



Thursday, June 15 3:58pm

Lidl's New Surprises
Yoga mats?!


Thursday, June 15 3:55pm



Thursday, June 15 3:49pm


Field Agent has now collected photos, video, and feedback from ALL 10 of Lidl's U.S.-based stores. Just sayin' 😎

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Thursday, June 15 3:45pm

Lidl Wine Signage/Categories
good.   very good.   outstanding.   wow.


Thursday, June 15 3:41pm

Lidl's Private Brand



Shopper review: "I bought the store brand chicken breast. I don't totally love it, but it does have some good taste. I think it tastes a little drier than I like my lunchmeat. I do like that there [isn't] fat on the chicken."


Thursday, June 15 3:38pm

Lidl Bulk Counter
"buy more for less"


Thursday, June 15 3:35pm

Lidl Checkout Area 


Thursday, June 15 3:33pm

"Lidl is the place I know I can get certain items cheaper but I can't find everything cheaper, so Kroger would be my fall-back store." [Hampton, VA]

Thursday, June 15 3:31pm

"This store has the experience that I love, contemporary, lots of technology - great color scheme and the people are extremely nice." [Rocky Mount, NC]

Thursday, June 15 3:27pm

Thursday, June 15 3:19pm


Shopper comment on store layout: "They need more space between the aisles. It's kind of cluttered." [Greenville, NC]


Thursday, June 15 3:16pm

Lidl's Produce Weigh Station

Lidl-Agent-Photo39 (1).jpg 

Thursday, June 15 3:13pm


Shopper comment on sustainability practices: "[I like that they're] eco-friendly, going green. They have eco-friendly shopping bags, even an area for people to recycle." [Greenville, NC]

Thursday, June 15 3:03pm

Lidl's Low Prices

Lidl-Agent-Photo36 (1).jpg

Thursday, June 15 2:57pm

Lidl Walkthrough - Kinston, North Carolina

Thursday, June 15 2:50pm

Lidl's Produce Section
See videos and photos below for comments on Lidl's fresh produce

Lidl-Agent-Photo41 (1).jpg

Thursday, June 15 2:46pm

Lidl's Private Brand

Lidl-Agent-Photo35 (1).jpg


Shopper review: "Tried the peppermints. They were very tasty. I would buy them again. I will take them to work."

Thursday, June 15 2:41pm

Lidl's Produce Section
See videos below for comments on Lidl's fresh produce


Thursday, June 15 2:36pm

Lidl's Bakery Section
See below for shopper comments on the "fantastic smell"


Thursday, June 15 2:33pm

Lidl's Private Brand



Shopper review: "This soap is [comparable] to Dr. Bonner's 'Sal Suds' but much cheaper. Nice scent, lots of bubbles too. I will purchase it again!"

Thursday, June 15 2:30pm


"Lidl makes me feel like cooking! I saw some amazing ingredients today and look forward to seeing what's all in there. Since the prices are affordable, I will be able to try some new recipes." [Greenville, SC]

Thursday, June 15 2:26pm

Lidl's Private Brand



Shopper review: "I thought it was very good for the price. I would probably purchase again. Very refreshing on a hot day. It would compare well with other brands."

Thursday, June 15 2:20pm


"There are some name brands [Lidl doesn't carry] that I really like and don't want to do without..." [Greenville, NC]


Thursday, June 15 2:17pm

Lidl's [Affordable] Produce


Thursday, June 15 2:15pm



Thursday, June 15 2:13pm


"Prices were cheap but the quality wasn't there." [Winston-Salem, NC]

Thursday, June 15 2:11pm

Lidl's Private Brand



Shopper review: "I thought the snack mix was pretty good. As far as snack mix goes I think Lidl has it right. It had a distinct taste and I thought it was better than most store brands I've had before."

Thursday, June 15 2:07pm


"The thing I liked most about the store honestly was the bakery section...Right when you walked in it was right there and it just smelled fantastic." [Kinston, NC]

Thursday, June 15 2:01pm

Lidl Endcap Display
Price Comparisons with Name Brands


Thursday, June 15 1:54pm

Lidl Showing Creativity in NC


Thursday, June 15 1:48pm

Lidl Sample Cart
See below for the sample counter in Virginia Beach, taken this morning


Thursday, June 15 1:43pm

 Lidl's Wine Selection
See the videos below for shopper comments


Thursday, June 15 1:27pm

 Lidl's Wine Selection
See the videos below for shopper comments


Thursday, June 15 1:22pm



Thursday, June 15 1:19pm


Shopper comment on pronouncing Lidl: "I went to Lidl today. I don't know how to pronounce it; the spelling is strange." [Virginia Beach, VA]


Shopper comment on the Lidl layout: "It was a strange layout, because in the middle of the store was kind of weird, random, seemingly out-of-place items, like exercise equipment or books." [Virginia Beach, VA]

Thursday, June 15 1:16pm

Lidl's Private Label



Shopper review: "When I first opened and pulled one out, I noticed two rips on the top of the bag where the drawstring is...Maybe they are just made like that. They feel strong and durable just as any other brand." 

Thursday, June 15 1:12pm

Lidl's Sustainability Claim


Thursday, June 15 1:08pm

Lidl's Private Label



Shopper review: "Very tasty! I like that it's not too sweet. I wish there were more in one package. Definitely a whole lot better than name brand fruit roll ups."

Thursday, June 15 1:05pm


Shopper comment on Lidl's customer service: "The customer service was amazing. I was able to ask [questions to] any of the employees there." [Wilson, NC ]

Thursday, June 15 1:04pm

Lidl's Private Label



Shopper review: "It tasted really good and fresh. The product tastes just as good as a similar, well-known brand, but less expensive. I will definitely purchase this product again."

Thursday, June 15 12:56pm



Thursday, June 15 12:43pm

Inside View - Greenville, South Carolina

Thursday, June 15 12:33pm

Photos & Testimonial - Greenville, South Carolina

Thursday, June 15 12:25pm



Thursday, June 15 12:20pm


Shopper comment on Lidl versus other grocery stores: "I really like [Lidl] a lot more than other grocery stores. The prices are a lot better. Their produce looked really, really good; that's a really big pro for me.[Greenville, SC ]

Thursday, June 15 12:17pm



Thursday, June 15 12:12pm

 Lidl's Bakery Section


Thursday, June 15 12:10pm


One thing Field Agent has definitively learned from today's QuickShop of 10 Lidl stores: U.S. shoppers do NOT know how to pronounce Lidl!

Thursday, June 15 12:07pm

 Lidl's Liquor Section
See the most recent video below for shopper comments


Thursday, June 15 12:03pm

Lidl's Baby Endcap Display 


Thursday, June 15 11:58am


"The prices are great. It has great items and awesome customer service.[Greenville, SC]


"Lidl does not carry other food items that I frequently purchase such as Califia Farms almond coconut milk or Skinny Girl smoked ham.[Kinston, NC]

"[The store is] far too small." [Virginia Beach, VA]

"It currently isn't convenient to my home. As Lidls become more prevalent and accessible, I will shop there more." [Wilson, NC]

Thursday, June 15 11:50am



Thursday, June 15 11:47am


We’re asking Lidl shoppers, what words best describe Lidl?They’re suggesting words like…


See the full results tomorrow, when Field Agent publishes a report based on the complete shopper survey.

Thursday, June 15 11:42am

[What appears to be] Lidl's Produce Weigh Station


Thursday, June 15 11:37am

Inside Lidl - Photos & Testimonial - Wilson, North Carolina

Thursday, June 15 11:28am

Inside Lidl - Wilson, North Carolina

Thursday, June 15 11:13am


Shopper comment on store organization and prices: "I was impressed by how I could find things easily...but the most impressive thing was that the prices were very reasonable and the meat section was very fresh...[Kinston, NC ]

Thursday, June 15 11:08am



Thursday, June 15 11:06am

Lidl's Sample Station


Thursday, June 15 11:05am


Shopper comment on product selection and prices: "The selection is amazing! I'm used to the German chain Aldi where it's sort of [just] store brands...but Lidl has a great mix of store brands and primary name brands...different price points across the board so you can find what you're looking for at the price you're looking for it." [Wilson, NC ]

Shopper comment on Aldi comparison: "It is very similar to Aldi where it has fresh and organic food but, to me, this store is more modern and chic-looking." [Wilson, NC ]

Thursday, June 15 11:04am



Thursday, June 15 11:01am



Thursday, June 15 10:59am


Shopper comment on Lidl's store design: "The design of the store looks modern, in-line with the times. A lot more modern than say Walmart or Food Lion." [Rocky Mount, NC ]

Thursday, June 15 10:57am



Thursday, June 15 10:54am


Shopper comment on comparing Lidl's private labels with name brands: "They look like the same brand [but] Lidl's brand is a lot cheaper than the name brand." [Sanford, NC ]

Thursday, June 15 10:52am

Lidl's Private Label



Shopper review: "The freeze dried apples with cinnamon are absolutely full of flavor! For the 2.99 price point, you can't beat the clean ingredients and the amazingly crisp flavor you get. The light, airy apple slices are a great snack for someone constantly on the go or in his/her car."

Thursday, June 15 10:48am

In-Store Layout and Pricing


Thursday, June 15 10:46am

Lidl's Organic Section


Thursday, June 15 10:43am

In-Store Transparency


Thursday, June 15 10:40am

Outside Lidl - Wilson, North Carolina 

Thursday, June 15 10:27am

Outside Lidl - Sanford, North Carolina



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