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    Behind the Scenes: Making of The Digital Shopper [Video]

    May 14, 2018 | Field Agent

    Over the past year, Field Agent has published approximately a dozen special reports on a wide-range of pressing retail topics—from omnichannel shopping to healthy living, retail technology to private-label brands.

    Each from the shopper’s perspective.

    Each based on original Field Agent studies, the type we do for clients day in and day out. 


    And in this time, we’ve often been asked, “How exactly do you do it?” How do you, for instance...

    • Locate the respondents you study?
    • Ensure reliable data?
    • Capture photos and video?


    Video: Behind the Scenes with The Digital Shopper


    To shed light on such questions, Field Agent recently produced a behind-the-scenes video on the making of its latest report, The Digital Shopper. This report, which you can still download for free, offers companies a rare, shopper-centered look at online retail, with special emphasis on shoppers who go online for “everyday” items like groceries. 

    So thank you for your readership over the past year, and we hope you enjoy this special behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Digital Shopper.



    Free Report: The Digital Shopper


    Based on studies with thousands of shoppers, Field Agent’s special report, “The Digital Shopper: Insights into Today’s Most ‘Connected’ Customers,” offers companies an inside, shopper-centered look at online retail. Special features include:

    • The digital shopper’s journey: before, during, and after shopping for groceries online
    • Shoppers try and rate Instacart delivery
    • The product detail page: a shopper-guided tour
    • Shoppers compare PDPs on Walmart.com VS Amazon.com
    • Shoppers try and rate Amazon Lockers at Whole Foods Market

    Best of all, the report is free.

    Free Report: The Digital Shopper


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