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    Photo Gallery: The Best Bloomin’ Retail Displays of Spring, Easter '19

    Apr 18, 2019 | Field Agent Retail Audit

    Some artists work in paint, others in clay, and still others in photo.

    But then there are those artists, we call them shopper marketers, who work in displays. And make no mistake about it: A well-designed display is a beautiful thing.


    Occasionally, we at Field Agent ask some of our 1.5 million U.S.-based agents to capture photos of creative, compelling, in-store product displays.

    And with springtime upon us, and important seasonal selling events like Easter and lawn-and-garden with it, we wanted to present a sample of spring-themed product displays spotted by our agents inside stores.  

    From candy to charcoal, we hope you enjoy this selection of springtime displays.

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    Photo Gallery: Best Displays of Spring 2019






    "I like the colors, simplicity, and expression of the brand."

    - Agent Quote (Walmart, Kenner, LA)











    "It's Hostess. What is there not to like about spring time Hostess cakes?"

    - Agent Quote (Kroger, Carrollton, GA)













    "The colors are fun, and so are the graphics on the boxes."

    - Agent Quote (CVS, Nashville, TN)











    "[I like] the spring colors and flowers."

    - Agent Quote (The Home Depot, Carrollton, GA)















    "The huge 'Happy Easter' sign reminded me that Easter is right around the corner!"

    - Agent Quote (Walmart, Puyallup, WA)









    "I like this display, because without it I would have never known that Lindt sells chocolate bunnies."

    - Agent Quote (Publix, Brentwood, TN)







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    "[I like that] the sign tells the specific date of Easter."

    - Agent Quote (Walmart, Victorville, CA)











    "It's not your traditional Easter display."

    - Agent Quote (Kroger, Hebron, KY)














    "It looks like it would smell delicious!"

    - Agent Quote (Kroger, Carrollton, GA)











    "The display and the product-packaging are very eye-appealing."

    - Agent Quote (Albertsons, Tacoma, WA)












    "[I like that it] has a visually catchy centerpiece, uses the product and side displays to promote Crawford Bock and ties into local baseball with the colors and design."

    - Agent Quote (H-E-B, Tomball, TX)








    "Great way to advertise Tic-Tac. New spring flavors!"

    - Agent Quote (Publix, Brentwood, TN)














    "...This is an ultimate sign of spring. You don't get...grass without the weeds, and this will kill those weeds."

    - Agent Quote (Lowe's, Bozeman, MT)







    "[I like that it is] colorful and very spring time."

    - Agent Quote (Kroger, Paducah, KY)










    "Spring cookout. Hot thing at spring time."

    - Agent Quote (Kroger, Paducah, KY)












    "[A] floral display that isn't overpowering."

    - Agent Quote (Costco, Phoenix, AZ)












    "I like the colors and idea of Easter treats that are not candy."

    - Agent Quote (Kroger, East Lansing, MI)










    "The pretty pastel colors, the brand is well-known, and it has a bunny which is significant of spring and Easter."

    - Agent Quote (Publix, Owens Cross Road, AL)











    "This American Greetings card-holder is bright and cute, makes me want to stop and look at cards!"

    - Agent Quote (Albertsons, Shreveport, LA)









    "[The display] is very appealing. I love roses."

    - Agent Quote (Sam's Club, Colonial Heights, VA)












    "The price was big and noticeable."

    - Agent Quote (Kroger, Elizabethtown, KY)








    "I like how colorful the display is and it catches your attention as you walk by!"

    - Agent Quote (Kroger, Shreveport, LA)











    "I like that the Reese's are egg-shaped."

    - Agent Quote (CVS, Nashville, TN)











    "The display was colorful and it reminded me of Easter as a child."

    - Agent Quote (Whole Foods, University Place, WA)







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