Retail Recon: The In-Store Displays & Signs of CINCO DE MAYO

02 May, 2017 Field Agent

Cinco de Mayo doesn't enjoy the same level of in-store merchandising and shopper marketing as the Super Bowl, Back to School, and other non-holiday, consumption events. But, with May 5 looming, some brands are making a special effort to capture the attention and spending of retail shoppers.

This weekend mobile solutions firm Field Agent deployed agents to supercenters, grocery stores, and independent liquor stores to snap photos of product displays and signs parading a Cinco de Mayo message. While most stores weren’t carrying Cinco-themed displays, below we present several colorful and creative alcohol displays from the final shopping weekend before Cinco de Mayo.  

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Cinco de Mayo: Retail Displays, Signs


Agent Photo & Comment - Walmart, Bend, OR


Agent Photo & Comment - Kroger, Hold, MI


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Agent Photo & Comment - Walmart, Santa Ana, CA


Agent Photo & Comment - Walmart, Payson, UT


Agent Photo & Comment - People's Liquor Warehouse - Fall River, MA


Agent Photo & Comment - Walmart, Cortland, NY


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Agent Photo & Comment - Kroger, Raleigh, NC


Agent Photo & Comment - Walmart, Payson, UT


Agent Photo & Comment - Kroger, Pearland, TX 


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