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    Quality Data Gains Priority Among Enterprise Executives at CES

    As I look at our business and how we have changed the way the world collects information, it was encouraging to see the focus on quality data at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Keynote Panel Interview “How Mobile Will Fundamentally Change Our World.”

    Internet of Things and Mobile

    The four enterprise executives in the mobile space focused on how random unqualified data can become noise, as well as how the user experience makes it easier to use devices. With connected technology and the “Internet of Things,” the panel explains how mobile and the impact of the Internet is being embedded with products in our home or car as well as healthcare. Make sure you're following the golden rule of market research technology.

    The panel takes the approach to be operating system agnostic, allowing the consumer to cast their vote for the operating system of choice, such as Apple or Android.  By doing so, they can focus on ensuring their core product (cars, appliances, etc.) delivers consistent quality with a user customized experience.

    Phil Abram used the example of the impact of technology for automobiles. He reinforced that quality and safety are areas that take years to perfect and can’t be jeopardized. However, he realizes that if you wait that long to implement and test technology then the new technology would be obsolete as soon as it was implemented. Their focus is to deliver an operating system infrastructure that allows for updates and enhancements that can be driven by the owner’s own mobile phone.

    Other examples, including healthcare and home appliances, followed a similar path. Moving forward with the “Internet of Things” and specifically how it is implemented within a mobile infrastructure, I am encouraged to see enterprise companies making strides to keep up with technology while at the same time allowing the providers to do what they do best – Innovate!

    As Phil Abram, Chief Infotainment Officer, General Motors said, “We're not talking about the technology, but what it allows us to do. We’re freeing people with this connected technology.” 


    How Mobile Technology Will Fundamentally Change Our World

    The mobile keynote panel was moderated by CNBC’s co-host of "Squawk Alley" Jon Fortt. The four enterprise executives in the mobile space included:

    CES Panel Speakers

    This keynote was one of the better panel discussions that I have seen as they continued to stay on topic, discussing how mobile will change our world.

    Now to check out the latest in Drones or should I say “Unmanned Systems” – Talk about Innovation, this is pretty cool stuff.


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