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    RELAUNCHED: The NEW Field Agent Platform is Here! [Video]

    It’s here!

    We are thrilled to publicly announce the arrival of Field Agent’s new self-service platform!

    With our simple, turnkey products, you can now easily launch campaigns all by yourself - without a single phone call.

    Field Agent, at its core, is all about helping brands win at retail. Over the years, we've built an industry-leading suite of powerful retail products, from store audits to product demos, shopper insights to ratings and reviews. And now, with just a few clicks, these products are available 24/7 in our online shop.

    Winning has never been so easy.

    Anna Cottrell, Field Agent's Senior Director of Marketing, recently sat down with our CEO and co-founder, Rick West, to talk about how the new platform is leading the charge in retail solutions, and the new benefits our clients are receiving.

    Watch the interview with Rick West below, then scroll on to learn more about how brands are succeeding with Field Agent's new platform.

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    Video: Field Agent CEO Talks New Platform


    Interview Highlights


    Anna Cottrell: Rick, please explain what this new platform means to you and why you are so excited about it.

    Rick West: For us, it's getting back to our core reason for being, which is helping people win at retail. From day one, we've been focused on creating amazing products for our clients. Now, we've productized our best-in-class services with a few simple clicks, and now you're literally able to launch a product in minutes. We've implemented a really simple checkout process with a cart... you can check out and pay with a credit card. It's the same industry-leading coverage, cost, and speed that you've been experiencing over the last 11 years, but we've reduced the time it takes to launch and made it available 24/7. I mean, literally just a few clicks.

    AC: How do you see this update changing the industry as we know it?

    RW: This transition to a product-led business model is really pretty cool. Foresters did some research, and they found that 75% of B2B procurement spending is projected to happen via an online marketplace over the next five years. Once again, we're right out in front of the curve. We're the first B2B productized platform for retail solutions. So it's really exciting stuff.

    AC: How can someone learn more about Field Agent and our new platform?

    RW: Simply log onto fieldagent.net, and you can learn all about our platform and products. Create an account, and literally within minutes, you can start solving your retail challenges. It really is that easy.


    Best of all... clients love it!

    Our clients have been beta-testing the new platform, and sharing their feedback with us. Spoiler alert: they love it. And you will too.

    "I will never execute a traditional sampling program again. My sampling from this point forward will always be done through the Field Agent platform."

    “Super happy with the results... This is a better way to get really good, robust reviews... We'll definitely be doing more."

    "It doesn’t matter if you are a billion-dollar brand or a $500K start-up, the Field Agent platform is relevant to all brands... The benefits are HUGE!"

    ”We had a very positive experience, and will continue to use the platform moving forward... We are excited to use Field Agent for new campaigns and in new ways!”


    Find your retail solutions at the Field Agent Marketplace.

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