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    Scanning the Future? Shoppers Try Out Walmart’s New “Scan & Go” Service

    As the retail world awaits the roll out of Amazon’s “Just Walk Out Technology,” its rival Walmart is testing its own checkout-less technology, “Scan & Go,” in three cities: Orlando, FL, Tomball, TX, and Rogers, AR.

    This weekend, mobile solutions firm Field Agent conducted a 36-customer mystery shop of Walmart’s new Scan & Go service across all three pilot locations.

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    • Would shoppers prefer Scan & Go to conventional Walmart checkout?
    • Would they see it as relatively faster and easier?
    • Would they want to use Scan & Go again in the future?
    • Under what circumstances would they be most likely to use the service? 


    Mobile Mystery Shop: Walmart’s New “Scan & Go” Service


    For this study, participating agents were instructed to use the Scan & Go mobile app on their respective smartphones, as opposed to the handheld devices furnished by Walmart. Furthermore, agents were required to purchase at least three grocery items, with one being a fresh produce item (i.e., so it could be weighed at Walmart’s dedicated Scan & Go produce-weighing station).

    As the video below demonstrates, agents submitted both photos and audio documenting their Scan & Go experiences. For the full results from this mystery shop, download the free report, “Scanning the Future: Shoppers Review Walmart’s New Scan & Go Service.”



    The free, downloadable report, “Scanning the Future,” presents the full results from this exciting mystery shop, including insights into:

    • Shoppers’ favorite and least favorite aspects of the Scan & Go service
    • Customer ratings of the Scan & Go app and process
    • Users’ intentions toward the new service in the future

    Download this free report today!

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    Download Free Walmart Scan & Go Report!


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