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    Special Report: "Grocery Shopping with GEN Z" [Free Download]

    Questions are already swirling around Generation Z and what this emerging consumer force of 60 million Americans born between 1997 and 2012 could mean for business as usual.

    And now that the oldest Gen Zers are adults, ages 18-22, the time is right to start considering their perspectives on a subject with major implications for thousands of brands and retailers:

     Gen Z Grocery Report

    What does Gen Z’s emergence mean for GROCERY brands, stores, and, in general, retail?


    Based on surveys with over 2,000 consumers, including a survey of 775 18-22 year old Gen Zers, Field Agent’s special report, “Grocery Shopping with Gen Z: Insights on the Next Generation,” explores the grocery-shopping habits, preferences, and expectations of this up and coming consumer group. The free, 32-page report considers questions like:

    • How are Gen Z grocery shoppers similar to and different from older shoppers?
    • Which grocery retailers and grocery-shopping methods appeal most to Gen Zers?
    • Which grocery brands enjoy the loyalty of next generation shoppers?
    • What shopping priorities matter most to Gen Z grocery shoppers?

    And because we also surveyed over 1,000 40-60 year olds, this report also offers a look at the grocery-shopping behaviors and attitudes across generational divides.


    Now’s the time. Download "Grocery Shopping with Gen Z" to start preparing for the next generation of grocery shoppers.

    Gen Z Grocery Shopping Report Download

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