SPECIAL REPORT: In Shape Insights – 2017 Healthy Living Series

06 Dec, 2016 Field Agent

The new year. A time when the collective conscious turns its attention to self-improvement and healthier living.

In which areas will you make or have you made personal decisions to change your life in 2017? [GRAPH]

2017 shouldn’t be any different. Mobile solutions firm Field Agent surveyed 1,010 U.S. adults last week and found a great many Americans are, as the chart shows, setting a course for positive change this new year, especially in the areas of exercise, nutrition, weight management, and stress levels.

Healthy living of course has implications for a healthy retail industry. With the new year comes a flurry of self-improvement spending, as shoppers buy everything from footwear to FitBits to fish oil.

For example, in the Field Agent survey, 81% of those who said they intend to “look better” in 2017 (n = 479) also indicated they’ll purchase new clothes to help toward the goal. Of those who expect to exercise and/or play a sport in the new year (even rarely; n = 982), 55% said they’re likely to purchase vitamins, minerals, and/or dietary supplements to aid or enhance these activities.

This link between healthy living and healthy spending may be strengthening, even as Americans become increasingly health conscious. Get this: 91% of respondents in the Field Agent survey said concern for healthy living has become more important to their purchase decisions over the last five years. 91%!


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  4. Hard Choices: Snacks, alcohol, smoking, fast food, soda, etc.
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