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    Display Gallery: Super Bowl LIV's High-Scoring Grocery Displays

    Jan 29, 2020 | Field Agent Retail Audit, Grocery

    The Super Bowl means Super Business for brands that sell soda, chips, beer, pizza, and other party foods, and these companies pull out all the stops to attract the attention of hungry football fans as they traverse through stores.

    That's why Super Bowl grocery displays are some of the most innovative and extravagant displays of the year.

    Instead of just sitting on the sidelines, we recently asked hundreds of agents to blitz stores in search of Super Bowl LIV displays.

    Want to see what they found? Just keep scrolling.


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    Display Gallery: Super Bowl 2020


    This weekend, Field Agent conducted display audits of 200 stores across 49 different retailers, looking for Super Bowl-themed grocery displays.

    Soon, these photos (and many, many more!) will be available on our free, interactive display gallery. The gallery already contains hundreds of photos from seasons such as Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

    In the meantime, here are some of the most visually-striking displays of Super Bowl LIV.

    Super Bowl 2020 Best Grocery Store Displays

    Seasonal Display Gallery - Free Sign Up

    Super Bowl 2020 Best Grocery Store Displays

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    The Seasonal Display Gallery

    If you like product displays, then you'll love our Seasonal Display Gallery. This free resource helps retail professionals keep a watchful eye on seasonal, grocery displays inside stores across the country.

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